About us

Making quality gaming terrain at affordable prices.

It sounds simple doesn't it, but as we've found out over the last couple of years, its anything but.

However The Terrain Shed and its sister site Bendyboards.co.uk are our attempt to do just that.

Who is this 'our' I here you ask.

Well we are Lee Battrick and Mike Marshall and a couple of years ago we formed a company to make laser cut tokens and other gaming gubbins.  Mike was spending far to much money on terrain from other companies and so persuaded Lee that we should make it ourselves and after several twists and turns we have got to where we are now.

This site deals exclusively with terrain (and hopefully not just laser cut stuff in the very near future) whilst Bendyboards handles all the gaming paraphernalia that you need, counters, trays to put your models on, boxes for your cards etc.  You should so go check them out.

Mike and Lee at Salute 2016