Welcome to the Terrain Shed

As the title says, hello and welcome to the Terrain Shed.  

I thought I would use this post to explain why this site exists and what has happened with Bendyboards.co.uk 

The short answer is nothing.  Bendyboards is still there, creating all the great gaming gubbins that you need (tokens, trays, trackers etc.) but we decided that we would split the terrain business off into a separate site to help us manage things better and provide better customer service to you.

Lee has taken responsibility for BB and Mike (thats me writing this) is handling the stuff from the Terrain Shed. 

And thats it.

Over the next month or so we will bring back all the terrain ranges that we were selling at Bendyboards along with new stuff (have you seen the Ascension range for instance) and the plan is to expand into more than just lasercut MDF, for instance, I've been experimenting with new materials and continue to work on my wife to let me get that essential 3D printer :)

Plan is to update the site at least once a month until we have everything available again (Sci Fi range is next|) and then a constant flow of new stuff, so make sure you check back every so often to see what we are up to.