Onwards to the future

Hello all, sorry about the lack of communication on here, whilst I have been updating our twitter and Facebook pages I had completely forgotten about this blog and thus it made the site look as if nothing had happened since September.  I shall endeavour not to have this happen again.

It has been an interesting time for Terrain Shed over the last few months with a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes that unfortunately hasn't turned into anything actionable

The biggest thing has been working on new pieces for the Labyrinth and a Sci Fi / Spy Fi version which I've called the Vault.  I spent a long time debating putting this on Kickstarter or not and to be honest, still haven't come to a real decision.  Thoughts?

I've also been looking at doing more shows, mainly because I feel that unless you actually handle one of our buildings you don't get a feel of the quality and solidity of them - thus explaining the price point.  However it seems that for most of the popular shows, there isn't space for another Laser Terrain manufacturer so I have been struggling to find somewhere that I can get into.  Still I will keep on trying.

Lastly I keep looking to solve the problem of expensive shipping to the US.  Here I have made some progress and hopefully I will have some news on this front to announce soonish.

So thats where we are, I'm going to manage my time better so that I get more time to work on new stuff and will keep pushing on the other things, including keeping this more up to date.  Honest guv.