Next on the block

Those of you who have been with us for a while will know that Bendyboards had a couple of other terrain ranges that haven't been brought over to Terrain Shed, namely Tribal and Scifi. The plan has always been that we will get the business reestablished and then make these additional ranges available again.

To this end I have been working on the sci fi range, getting the first bits brought up to standard. However the realisation has hit me that this is an exercise in futility. There are so many great Sci Fi terrain suppliers (and lets be honest, we are talking scenery for Infinity) that with the small range we have we would be a minnow swimming in a pool of sharks, which makes no sense for the business. Why put time and effort into products that are never going to sell when it would be far more sensible to put time into expanding the Labyrinth, more Ascension stuff etc.

All this waffle means that we aren't - for the forseeable future anyway - going to have a sci fi range. Instead I'm going to put my time this month into getting the Tribal stuff back up and running and then onwards to projects new.