Shipping changes and new stuff

One of the problems with MDF is that it is heavy which means that shipping to the US or Europe can get expensive if you order multiple things.

So what we have done is introduced some flat rate shipping if you are placing a large order - over £100 worth - for these areas.

From today orders over £100 will ship to the Europe for just £10 and to the US for £15.

Hopefully that will help out some of you.

In other news I've added a Vault starter bundle to the store and will be adding more bundles over the next few days.  Need a nice day to take photographs of the layouts :)


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Onwards to the future

Hello all, sorry about the lack of communication on here, whilst I have been updating our twitter and Facebook pages I had completely forgotten about this blog and thus it made the site look as if nothing had happened since September.  I shall endeavour not to have this happen again.

It has been an interesting time for Terrain Shed over the last few months with a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes that unfortunately hasn't turned into anything actionable

The biggest thing has been working on new pieces for the Labyrinth and a Sci Fi / Spy Fi version which I've called the Vault.  I spent a long time debating putting this on Kickstarter or not and to be honest, still haven't come to a real decision.  Thoughts?

I've also been looking at doing more shows, mainly because I feel that unless you actually handle one of our buildings you don't get a feel of the quality and solidity of them - thus explaining the price point.  However it seems that for most of the popular shows, there isn't space for another Laser Terrain manufacturer so I have been struggling to find somewhere that I can get into.  Still I will keep on trying.

Lastly I keep looking to solve the problem of expensive shipping to the US.  Here I have made some progress and hopefully I will have some news on this front to announce soonish.

So thats where we are, I'm going to manage my time better so that I get more time to work on new stuff and will keep pushing on the other things, including keeping this more up to date.  Honest guv.

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Next on the block

Next on the block

Those of you who have been with us for a while will know that Bendyboards had a couple of other terrain ranges that haven't been brought over to Terrain Shed, namely Tribal and Scifi. The plan has always been that we will get the business reestablished and then make these additional ranges available again.

To this end I have been working on the sci fi range, getting the first bits brought up to standard. However the realisation has hit me that this is an exercise in futility. There are so many great Sci Fi terrain suppliers (and lets be honest, we are talking scenery for Infinity) that with the small range we have we would be a minnow swimming in a pool of sharks, which makes no sense for the business. Why put time and effort into products that are never going to sell when it would be far more sensible to put time into expanding the Labyrinth, more Ascension stuff etc.

All this waffle means that we aren't - for the forseeable future anyway - going to have a sci fi range. Instead I'm going to put my time this month into getting the Tribal stuff back up and running and then onwards to projects new.


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Just a Q & A about shipping as its what we've had the most questions about in the last 24 hours.

Q: Do you ship to x

A: I am adding countries to the shipping as and when requested.  So far we have rates set up for UK, USA and Germany.  If you live somewhere else and would like me to add a rate, just ask.  You can email us or get us via our Facebook page or on Twitter

Q: Why is postage to x so expensive

A: Unfortunately MDF is heavy (a single A4 sheet of the 3mm we use is about 150g) which obviously pushes postage costs way up as the carriers charge us by weight.  

Q: Why only Fedex to the USA

A: We have had numerous problems with orders being sent to the USA via Royal Mail.  The problem occurs when there is the handover between Royal Mail and the USPTO.  Stuff goes missing, gets held at customs, gets marked undeliverable and after 3 months ends up back here.  With Fedex none of those problems occurs.  I realise its expensive but it does mean that you get your orders

Q: The postage cost is nearly a million pounds, Whats going on.

A: As I said earlier, postage is all based on weight, when your order gets heavier than the rates allow you get that message.  If you contact us we will do our best to sort out how to get stuff to you.

Q: Do you offer Free Shipping at all

A: If you are in the UK and order £100 or more of stuff then you qualify for free shipping. Currently we don't offer Free Shipping to any non UK location

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Welcome to the Terrain Shed

As the title says, hello and welcome to the Terrain Shed.  

I thought I would use this post to explain why this site exists and what has happened with 

The short answer is nothing.  Bendyboards is still there, creating all the great gaming gubbins that you need (tokens, trays, trackers etc.) but we decided that we would split the terrain business off into a separate site to help us manage things better and provide better customer service to you.

Lee has taken responsibility for BB and Mike (thats me writing this) is handling the stuff from the Terrain Shed. 

And thats it.

Over the next month or so we will bring back all the terrain ranges that we were selling at Bendyboards along with new stuff (have you seen the Ascension range for instance) and the plan is to expand into more than just lasercut MDF, for instance, I've been experimenting with new materials and continue to work on my wife to let me get that essential 3D printer :)

Plan is to update the site at least once a month until we have everything available again (Sci Fi range is next|) and then a constant flow of new stuff, so make sure you check back every so often to see what we are up to.

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